Larkin Refractory Solutions
Larkin Refractory Solutions
Industrial Services:

Refractory Linings

Our skilled refractory craftsmen can repair or rebuild the following types of industrial furnaces.

Boilers - All Types

Ceramics Industry
Tunnel, Shuttle, and Periodic Kilns
Chemical & Hydrocarbon Processing
Fume Incinerators Fired Heaters Sulphur Burners Sulphur Recovery Units Cat Cracker Thermal Oxidizers

Ferrous - Iron & Steel
Arc Channel Induction Coreless Induction Resistance Rod Reheat Walking Beam Ladles Cupolas Tundishes
Forest Products
Green Fuel Burners Bark Burners Dry Kilns Waste wood Furnaces - All Types
Glass Industry
Glass Tanks Annealing Lehrs
Heat Treating
Rotary Box Tunnel Continuous Belt
Pathological Municipal Waste Hazardous Waste
Minerals Processing
Rotary Kilns Multiple Hearth Dryers Shaft Kilns
Non Ferrous
Aluminum & Zinc, Copper, Magnesium